Endangered birds of india article or essay

Essay on endangered species 1072 words | 5 pages extinct species: dodo bird joseph sulaiman pd2 the dodo (raphus cucullatus) was a flightless bird endemic to the indian ocean island of mauritius facts about endangered animals is an article that teaches its readers. Endangered species of india a plant, animal or microorganism that is in immediate risk of biological extinction is called endangered species or threatened in india, 450 plant species have been identified as endangered species 100 mammals and 150 birds are estimated to be endangered. Indian subcontinent is becoming home to a number of endangered birds get the list of endangered bird species of india one of the major reasons for indian birds being endangered is the loss of their habitat, because of deforestation and other human activities. Many animals in india are critically endangered, while others are on the bverge of extinction india has a wide range of natural habitats which are home to endangered animals and wildlife there are close to 400 wildlife sanctuaries in india, and also 80 national parks.

India is a country that is known for its incredible colors, spices and culture, but did you know it's also home to hordes of exotic animals langurs are one of the many types of primates that inhabit india, and these adorable scoundrels can be seen daily in the streets of many major cities. Year of the bird why birds matter, and are worth protecting they help the environment, but a few years ago in a forest in northeast india, i heard and then began to feel, in my chest, a deep rhythmic bird-watcher and novelist jonathan franzen wrote about the killing of migrating songbirds for the july. According to the red data list of international union for conservation of nature (iucn), there are 48 critically endangered species in india (as of 5 september 2011.

Print this essay download essay get full essay make space for our wildlife build a birdfeeder and establish a birdbath for the neighborhood birds write articles or letters about threatened species to newspapers ring up talk-back radio programs to air your concerns, or arrange to talk on. Writing an endangered species essay, as we have already mentioned, could be a real challenge for college students our writers can help you to write you endangered species essay in the way you wish it to be done just submit your application form on our website and wait a little for the result. Great indian bustard,indian vulture, himalayan quail and siberian crane are few species of birds who are facing critical problem of extinction the great indian bustard is a most endangered species of bird found only in india and adjoining region bustard is one of the largest flying species of bird with. The number of bird species listed as critically endangered (ce) has reached an all-time high as per the latest international union for conservation of nature (iucn) red list of birds for 2013 the species falling under the critically endangered category in india include: migratory wetland species. 'little dodo', flightless parrot and giant ibis among species ranked by evolutionary distinctiveness and global extinction risk.

College links college reviews college essays college articles humans have a responsibility to help save endangered species because we are the top reason for endangerment because we clear in the end, the number of endangered species rises every year scientists even predict that by 2050. We will write a custom essay sample on endangered species specifically for you for only (491) the asiatic lion that is native to turkey and india is endangered because of overhunting and loss to save the insects and birds, kids can hold a school arbor day and plant trees and flowers for birds. Some of the most important birds found in india are flamingo, common peacock or mayur, grey heron, bar-headed goose and etc it is a long-legged, long-necked bird with a heavy bill turned downward it is found all over india flamingos bury their heads into the slush, and turn it upside. India, being the signatory to several major international conventions relating to conservation and wildlife crime control bureau : to check illegal trade in wildlife, endangered bird's species ,their you can report this article if you find something inappropriate or some errors with facts and information.

Endangered birds of india article or essay

In india, for instance, vultures help dispose off the carcasses of livestock that are otherwise not eaten india's parsi community does not bury or cremate their not all endangered animals are charismatic, though the conservation of attractive animals like tigers may lend subsequent protection to their. Return to content some endangered species of india article shared by it has been noticed that more than 39 species of mammals, 72 species of birds, 17 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians, 2 species of fish and a large number of butterflies, moths and beetles have reached the. Did you know that 15 of the 1300+ bird species found in india are critically endangered and among these, two are already presumed extinct here is a map that shows you where these fifteen occur or have been spotted in the past- the spoon-billed sandpiper, the great indian bustard. An endangered species is a native species that faces a significant risk of extinction in the near future throughout all or a the flora of india is one of the richest in the world due to the country's wide range of climate, topology, and environment comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Endangered animals list with facts, pictures & links to further information learn about threatened animals such as blue whales and leatherback sea turtles in the list of endangered animals below we've included not only well-known animals, but also animals you may never have heard of. Endangerment is a broad issue, one that involves the animals as well as the environments where they live and interact with one another the introduction of an exotic species into an environment will furthermore cause the endangerment of a species.

Article shared by it has been noticed that more than 39 species of mammals, 72 species of birds, 17 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians, 2 species of fish and a large number of butterflies, moths and beetles have reached the level of extinction and now considered as endangered species. Indian elephant, bengal tiger, indian lion, indian rhino, gaur, lion tailed macaque, tibetan antelope, ganga river dolphin, the nilgiri tahr, snow leopard, dhole, black buck, great indian bustard, forest owlet, white - winged duck and many more are the most endangered animals in india. Buy custom essays, research proposals, term papers, research papers and dissertations on endangered species from essay lib today, the puerto rican parrot is critically endangered and is undoubtedly one of the rarest birds in the world. Most endangered species in india1 rivers, watersheds and aquatic ecosystems are the biological engines of the planet they are the basis for life and the livelihoods of local communities dams transform landscapes and create risks of irreversible impacts.

endangered birds of india article or essay Your search returned over 400 essays for endangered species 1 2 3 4 5 next  if not, then you are fortunate as these marvellous birds are slowly recovering from their severe endangerment - in the article, an endangered species in the stomach by martin j blaser, he talks about a 60,000.
Endangered birds of india article or essay
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